Investable Startups + The Right Investors

Our mission is to radically improve the investor/entrepreneur matching process through partners, data and technology

Co-founded by super connectors Marc Nathan, Elijah May and Paul O'Brien, Funded House was originally created for the express purpose of connecting investors with companies seeking a later stage investment. While we remain true to that purpose, several of our VC friends have indicated that they are also angel investors from time-to-time. So, following SXSW 2023, the decision was made to create an official Funded House Portfolio and include investable startups of all stages.

We also now offer a proprietary Growth Viability Assessment and issue corresponding Growth Viability Score, which makes it easier for investors to see where their money can have the most impact.

It's all about the connections

Too many investors told us they don't know where to find great startups. Too many startups told us they don't know where to find the right investors. We decided it should not be that hard for people who are looking for each other to connect. In a world where Match Group and Indeed are both worth billions, we think there's a place for someone committed to radically improving the investor/entrepreneur matching process.

Our Funded House Portfolio and Top 20 Lookbook are carefully curated and deliberately designed to make it easy for investors to find the information they are looking for. But that's only half the equation. Our super connector team is tasked with with learning who people are, in addition to what they are looking for, so that the matches we make create relationships that work.

Funded House connects investable startups with interested investors through a carefully curated portfolio and international innovation events.

Investor Advisors

Michael Cress
Chairman & Managing Partner, MD Cress Ventures
Autumn Manning
Former Partner, Motley Fool Ventures
Peter Adams profile picture
Peter Adams
Managing Partner, Rockies Venture Fund
James Earl "Jim" Brown III profile picture
James Earl "Jim" Brown III
Executive Advisor, CenterGate Capital

Management Team

Elijah May profile picture
Elijah May
Managing Partner, The Experience Firm
Amanda profile picture
Amanda Caldwell
Partner, The Experience Firm
Marc Nathan profile picture
Marc Nathan
Founder, T-Squared Agency
profile picture
Paul O’Brien
Founder & CEO, MediaTech Ventures
profile picture
John Zozzaro
Founder & President, MediaTech Ventures