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The first all-in-1 solution for authentic tea enjoyment - the way tea should really taste

About the company

At BRU, it's about a sustainable and convenient future of tea by creating a one of it's kind the Tea-Eco-System and marketplace. The foundation is a hardware-enabled beverage innovation called the BRU Maker that replaces the traditional and wasteful process of tea-making. Our capsule-free, app-connected machine works with any tea type and eliminates the waste of single-use capsules or pods. By analyzing our customers' tea-drinking behavior through our app, we offer personalized tea recommendations and generate revenue through subscriptions and direct sales of our own teas and other tea brands. As advocates of sustainability, we believe everyone should contribute to a more sustainable future, and the Tea-Eco-System is our way of doing so.

Meet the founders

Bogdan Krinitchko
CEO & Inventor
Bogdan is a serial entrepreneur and has broad experience in engineering & industrial design work. Bogdan’s first company, Di-Com (Marketing Industry), was created and sold after 3 Years.
Filip Carlberg
With extensive experience in building global brands and scaling profitable sales in the beverage industry for over 12 years. Filip has managed large beverage portfolios for some of the world's biggest companies.