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Funded House at SXSW 2023

Funded House connects investable startups with interested investors

First launched at SXSW in 2019, Funded House returned in 2023 and partnered with Innovation Bridge Europe to connect startups from over 30 different countries with US-based investors. Members of the Funded House leadership team facilitate live introductions at carefully selected international events and then provide on-going support after the event, matching qualified startups with other investors within their network.
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Wisemint ai
We assess if your investment outcomes reflect skilled management.
Manage Your Financial Portfolio Control your financial data with a Web3 virtual portfolio that aggregates all your information in one place. You decide what to share and with whom, simplifying financial management and ensuring data privacy.
eLive provides tech solutions for creating more cost-effective and engaging live experiences as well as fan-exclusive live moments. With eLive you are able to reduce production costs and effort while maintaining a professional production quality.
Theia Studios
Theia Studios is a team of experienced tech founders and game industry veterans building Theia, a strategy game ecosystem driven by competition and community content creation. The first game in Theia is Icons of Theia, a competitive tactical turn-based strategy game.
Invite, Meet & Network Smarter - Stacks of Biz Cards On Your Desk? - Scrolling LinkedIn to Find Someone? - Futurize, Organize and Streamline Contacts & Events
We offer free and legal access to a continually growing library of films from around the world.
Sensify anything by adding a layer of digital interacation. We are a technology platform that makes it possible for designers and engineers to quickly innovate and bring new physical user experiences to the next generation of products.
Seetrue Technologies
Advanced eye-tracking solutions. World’s most advanced robust eye-tracking solutions built on custom sensors and a unique computer vision approach.
A TOOL FOR DELIVERING 3D CONTENT FAST AND COST-EFFECTIVE. In a matter of minutes you can create an AR campaign by using the content management web platform and then, through the free Mobile App (iOS and Android) you can deliver that AR campaign to your audience.
E-Wenco is a Technological Innovation Centre, specialised in INDUCTION and THERMAL VECTORS. We support companies in the adoption of innovative technologies and applications dedicated to energy saving and process efficiency in both industrial and domestic environments.
Billon Unified Blockchain. A high-performance, regulatory-compliant blockchain for on-chain document and data exchange, asset tokenization, and digital cash secured by user-controlled sovereign identity.
Make secure contactless payments with high-quality leather watch straps. Attach to any watch and keep your favorite watch and enjoy the smart features of your Invis watch strap.
Your Relationship Companion. AI digital solution for singles and couples improving communication issues.
Myracle enables educators to attract and engage more learners. enables learners to eliminate the infrastructure barrier and empowers you with a new philosophy - Goodbye Memorization, Hello Memorable!
Point of Care Programable Medicine (PCPM) a paradigm shift in the concept of medicine, transcends it from a passive analog to an exciting programable era!
The Consenz Unit is an intelligent, compact Heads Up Display designed to be installed in any vehicle. Its magnetic base is easily attached to the dashboard using a non-destructive adhesive so you can immediately begin enjoying the benefits.
Lifestone is smart jewelry that automatically detects falls and alerts help. We take care of the safety of your parents and grandparents - according to their individual taste.
Hello Art Up
HELLO ART UP - Digital cultural factory \\ 3D art Story Factory. Fight against isolation, create bonds, and strengthen self-esteem. Creation of digital exhibitions by seniors, offering an immersive and fun experience without downloading.
GG care
GG Care's voice assistant technology transforms an Amazon Alexa device into a virtual care companion. Carers can use our web interface and Alexa Skill to provide interactive reminders for the elderly and people with dementia, called Digital Interventions (DIs).
FRENZ AI understands your brain states precisely - and personalizes the content in real-time. This sleek-looking device encapsulates innovations from 15 global patents in electrical engineering, material science, integrated circuit design, AI/ML algorithms.
We sell our insoles D2C but also offer our scan tech to footwear companies and podiatrists worldwide.
beebird technology
At Beebird, we strive for quality in our pursuit to develop software for kitchen appliances, utilizing the capabilities of a top-notch manufacturing facility. Our center focuses on research and development to achieve this goal.
We care about the air you breathe. Our technology provides insights into your indoor air quality, enabling you to live a healthier life. Breathe easy with nooku.
Robot as a Tool. Robot as a Service. Robots for Every Workplace. Leading safe and convenient automation through easy and economical collaborative robots.
AiCON AI Control
There seems to be no greater motivation than helping someone. Sharing our talents with each other. So that we can continue to discover 'happiness' in our lives. Constantly looking for places where our technology is needed. Finding answers in a creative way.
Hyper Lychee
World's most efficient and multi-functional power scrubber! Equipped with 9 brush types, Skadu scrubs and deep cleans any surface in your home and at work. It eliminates the nightmare of scrubbing by hand so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a clean environment.
Integrated coaching to get in touch with your best. We understand that improving your mental wellbeing is a journey. As a client, we guide you through the phases of our Learn, Sense and Grow programs.
A customized one-stop shop for every classroom and company to collaborate with each other by cutting down the cost, time and resources. We are building the largest marketplace of micro-challenges from companies for students to solve.
Your alarm as you've always wanted it: simple, economical, and non-permanent.
Sensiks is a small, but hard-working company with the vision to improve the quality of life of many people with our flagship product 'the Sensory Reality Pod'.
AR Trails
AR Trails is an app for the curious traveler, where anyone can discover a new way to explore the world around them. There is content for all interests, from city walk to hiking trails, or pop culture highlights or historical recreations.
iRomaScents Digital Scent Generator adds a new sensory dimension to cinema, shopping, and home media.
PEP stands for People's Electric Playground. And that includes our mission "a society without worries about electric mobility charging".
An innovative company aiming to become the world's No. 1 in the global LED industry. It is a promising company that is currently growing at a rapid pace.
Main Info
MAIN INFO Co.,Ltd’s technology is a smartphone-based solution that fuses 3D mapping technology with motion sensors. Our technology is currently embedded in aftermarket hardware and driver assistance products.
We are a revolutionary brand focused on men's sexual health, providing solutions to enhance their sex life. Our approach involves incorporating cutting-edge technology, innovative ideas, and scientific research to create a wide range of products and services that promo
Invaiz Inc.
See the butterfly effect of a palm-sized controller on my work efficiency and accumulating fatigue.
Gosan Tech
Gosan Tech Co., Ltd. is a company developing next-generation inkjet printing key technology in the area of layer-by-layer assembly structure building of display.
Nutrimine provides 1:1 customized nutrition management service only for you based on nutrition inspection.
Monnit Korea
We can provide hardware and software all, and also provide an integration system with our technical team.
Rolling Seeds
Children require physical play & diverse topics when playing with the family, but there are no interactive play platforms that cater to these preferences. The solution is a PLAY-Edutainment PLATFORM - Rolling Seeds.
We contribute to the growth of Intelligent surgical video research by collecting and analyzing surgical videos and converting them into valuable and meaningful data which AI can learn and improve on them.
Osteoporosis screening AI designed to detect asymptomatic patients early, without time-consuming and less accessible DXA scans, we are able to identify a greater number of patients using widely available chest X-rays.
Data Fabric is a data integration and management solution between cloud and on-premise consisting of architecture, data management and integration software, and shared data to support organizational data management.
ZEZEDU makes AI/SW based ed-tech services - CherryPot and CherryCheck.
HippoT&C, Inc.
HippoT&C, Inc. is the digital therapeutics for mental disorder, using computer science technology such as VR, AR and AI
To help people live more humane and healthy life with the very best artificial intelligence technology.
Myren - My own siren - Myren is a safety brand that combines "My" and "Siren." We will guide you on the unexpected situation and how to deal with the accident.
ROOTONIX is Korea’s leading home care brand that provides daily change and freshness to consumers based on innovative design and technology. Our product is not expensive in the hair loss care market.
Pajama Jam
PAJAMA JAM! With anyone from anywhere, Make your online Harmony!
Lab|up Inc.
Fill the gap between cutting-edge innovations and their impacts on society. As the complexity of research and engineering /increases at an unprecedented pace, humanity needs a revolutionary way of sharing research methods on standardized, scalable computing platforms.
Steambox is rechargeable (battery-powered). Enjoy up to 3 hot meals per charge. Preserve more nutrients through our autonomous steaming technology.
CNICK ring streamlines daily life by enabling contactless payments, providing a reliable and hassle-free payment solution that is accepted anywhere VISA and MasterCard are, without the need to worry about phone battery or carrying multiple cards.
Watervation makes air purifiers that capture toxic substances and carbon, which will enable hardware and software to create an ecosystem that everyone can participate in carbon removal actions. From individuals to industrials and governments.
We want to become the Global Leader in Key-Business and professional information transfer.
UZE, Inc
UZE is one of the world leaders in power banks & wearables.
Bokyong Co
Introducing the one-touch sliding bike pop-cycle based on human body size big data. Pop-cycle adjusts the frame, handle, and pedal heights in 3 seconds to control buses and subways.
Klar2O is a pioneer in treating microplastics from drinking water with a groundbreaking solution. Our patented smart surface filter technology, featuring a unique biochemical adsorbing coating efficiently captures microplastics at the smallest molecule level.
We’re a Dutch and Malaysian green FinTech startup connecting ethical retail investors to AI-verified impact projects. Micro-investing and positive impact hand-in-hand.
At Safira.ai, we strive to provide every online retailer with easy-to-use, AI-based software tools that reduce time-to-market and increase conversion rates.
Our Greenery
OUR GREENERY redefines culinary experiences and green everyday life. We combine indoor farming with the highest design standards, enjoyment with sustainability and stress-free technology. We bring the most diverse food production to where it belongs.
Safee is a phone case with an onboard electronic system connected to an app that conceals an anti-aggression device designed to defend you and accompany you in all everyday situations.
UVCeed is the first personal AI-powered mobile UV-C disinfectant* platform for work, home, school or travel.
A distributed retail platform that makes any item for sale, anywhere in the world—sharing profits with the host venue. Businesses can maximize revenue by turning items they buy into shoppable samples their guests can see, experience, and order right from their phone.
Serafim was founded in Taiwan and specializes in the development of game accessories by engineers with game enthusiasts. We provide the software & hardware integration of mobile devices and wearable mobile technology.
The first all-in-1 solution for authentic tea enjoyment - the way tea should really taste
An AI app that analyses people's running technique and lets them know what they should do prevent injuries and improve performance. Our mission is to make full-body, biomechanic analysis accessible to everyone in the world.
The Little Cat. Co.
Creating a bond with pets through the IoT-based digital healthcare service products
We create clinically proven, FDA Class 2 medical devices that deliver precise vibrations to address various sexual health issues.